As per American Medical Association journal, three times as many people die, every year due  to medical errors in hospitals as die on our highways. It would take about 200 747 airplanes to crash annually to equal preventable deaths. Imagine the outcry if one 747 crashed every day for 200 consecutive days. These ramification are due to lack of effectiveness and responsiveness towards patient’s care.
Hospitals customer care is abysmal. Recent studies reveal that the average wait time in hospital emergency rooms is significantly high say around few hours. Name any other business where we would tolerate this low level of value and service.
Health care reform will make connectivity, electronic medical records, and transparency common place in health care. This means that in several years, any considering a hospital stay will simpy go online to compare hospitals relative to infection rates, degrees of surgical success, and many other metrics. Our health is our greatest and most important asset. Would we not want to compare performance relative to any health and medical care the way we compare installaling any other things? Inevitably when we are able to do this, hospitals will be driven by quality, service and cost- all of which will be necessary to compete.

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