We assume that unlike other machine, computer is the smartest machine. But let me tell you that like any other machine, computer does not understand anything. Now the million-dollar question is, if it does not understand anything then, how it is able to perform or compute such complex tasks.
Let us first understand the basics or rudimentary logic of the computer system. Computer uses two properties; electrical and magnetic and thereby it is called electro magnetic device. Magnetic property is use to store data while electrical property is used in performing operations. There are two states of any particles stimuli by either electrical property or magnetic property.  Either it is off or on.
It is taken for granted by us that computer understand binary language. Now you are going to be flabbergasted by my statement that “actually none of the particles in the computer understands binary language.” They either have any of the property  ‘present’ or ‘absent’. But for human understanding, we have classified it to ‘0’ as absent and ‘1’ as present. Thus we have given birth to BINARY (Two digit) language. In absolute terms we do understand ‘0’ and ‘1’ but not corresponding to the understanding of computer and thereby the results generated.
Now let us see what we want from computer?
First and foremost we want computer to give output in the language that we understand. Human understand language (e.g. English, especially for computers). So we run the tools that convert our English language programming into binary language so that computer understand and gives us an outcome.
The language comprises of Capital alphabets, small alphabets, numbers 0-9 and other characters like comma, full stop, exclamations etc.  Each bit can distinctly represents 2 different characters by the very nature of “present” or “absent” of magnetic field in computer system. So we need a combination of at least 7 bits to distinctly represent 128 characters. Currently we use the combination of 8 bits to represents 1 character and it’s called 1 byte.

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