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Sarita Retail

What if you are able to operate with significantly reduced working capital (cash employed); at the same time increase your sales in this competitive market.


While you are busy beautifying & enhancing personalities of  end consumers, Sarita Retail focuses on fulfilment of your goal that leads to exponential growth.

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Top 6 benefits of Sarita Retail



Increase inventory turns

Report on fast movers and slow movers which will enable to prioritize the display space that leads to more sales


Reduction in lost sale

Smartly manages inventories v/s availability that results into significant reduction in lost sales and mark downs


Robust Information system

Information readilly and reliably available that will help you take decision and act effectively.



Avalibility of fresh designs

Only products that customers loves are offered; inventory is always fresh and relevant


Effective Replenishment system

Demand/sales based  replenishment  rather than forcast replenishment


High mobility

Sarita Retail is based on cloud technology. Thereby gives you access from anywhere across the globe








Recent News

Sarita Health Care reduced patient wait time by 20%

Sarita Health Care is been successfully implemented  at Yashfeen Hospital, a group having seven hospitals in and around Navsari. We are happy to share that our solution has been able to reduced the wait time of the patient by 20%. Connectivity has improved significantly and waste time is getting eliminated from the system. It is yet to achieve a lot but  this kind of starting resultt  has given Yashfeen, a solid conviction for the solution.

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