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Who are we?

Every business, small or large, has unique needs in different domains. While many of these needs can be satisfied with standardized market solutions, there are some which require special, customised solutions in order to derive maximum performance with minimum efforts.


We, at Sarita Infotech, have been mastering the art of customised business app solutions for well over 20 years. With more than 100+ national and international clients in our portfolio, we have created our niche in the areas of retail, healthcare, production, supply chain management, project management, etc.


Time & efficiency are just as critical to us, as it is to our clients. Our professionals make sure your solutions are right as per your requirements, and their dynamism helps them come up with these solutions in a short time frame, making the process faster and cost-effective


Brand promise

Creating an effective solution that not only offers robust performance, but also fulfills your goals, leading to an incredible customer experience that lasts forever.


Our mission

As an enterprise, we exist to aspire and enable organization in fulfilling their goals, and in the process leave them with more power, effectiveness, excellence, self-confidence & peace of mind.

Recent News

Sarita Health Care reduced patient wait time by 20%

Sarita Health Care is been successfully implemented  at Yashfeen Hospital, a group having seven hospitals in and around Navsari. We are happy to share that our solution has been able to reduced the wait time of the patient by 20%. Connectivity has improved significantly and waste time is getting eliminated from the system. It is yet to achieve a lot but  this kind of starting resultt  has given Yashfeen, a solid conviction for the solution.

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