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"The Programmers of today will be wizards of tomorrow."


In no time, binary is going to be the default language of this universe. The young minds that take on challenges of coding today, will shape a better future for us tomorrow. We, at SaritaInfotech, are on a mission to train these future wizards in the art of coding. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, we train dynamic freshers and professionals in a wide array of coding, including Web Technology, Cross Platform Mobile Application, Cross Platform Web Services & Desktop Application. Not only is our methodology at par with future scope, we train people to create & innovate, rather than copy & negate.


At Sarita Infotech, we realise that the future of coding lies in the hands of our budding engineers. In order to boost their knowledge, confidence and love for coding, we undertake project training for college students. They are made aware of the various platforms being practised in the industry, how to use them and how to create masterpieces from little to no information.


Courses we offer


Web Technology Cross Platform Mobile Application CrossPlatform + Webservices Desktop Application
Overview of ASP.Net Overview of Cross Platforms Overview of Webservice & Phone gap Overview of Desktop Application
.NET Framework Knowledge Introduction to Phonegap Setting up Web Service in ASP.NET MVC Setting up .Net
Setting up ASP.Net MVC Setting Up Phonegap Creating WebServices Setting up Database
Getting Started with MVC Getting Started with Phonegap Setting up DataBase Creating an Application
Setting up Database Creating Application Introduction to Phonegap Deployment
Creating an Application Setting up Local Database Setting Up Phonegap Project Implementation Guidance
Working with Razor View Engine Working with Phonegap Structure Getting Started with Phonegap  
Navigation within MVC Using Ajax and Jquery in Phonegap Creating Application  
Using AJAX and Jquery with ASP.Net MVC Connecting with Web API Setting up Local Database  
ASP.NET Web API With MVC Deployment Working with Phonegap Structure  
Deployment Project Implementation Guidance Using Ajax and Jquery in Phonegap  
Project Implementation Guidance   Connecting with Web API  
    Project Implementation Guidance  


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Sarita Health Care reduced patient wait time by 20%

Sarita Health Care is been successfully implemented  at Yashfeen Hospital, a group having seven hospitals in and around Navsari. We are happy to share that our solution has been able to reduced the wait time of the patient by 20%. Connectivity has improved significantly and waste time is getting eliminated from the system. It is yet to achieve a lot but  this kind of starting resultt  has given Yashfeen, a solid conviction for the solution.

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